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CrossPoint is an extension of Franklin Road Baptist Church for the college students and young adults of our community. Our primary purpose is to point people to the cross of Jesus. We invite you to get connected with CrossPoint and experience the amazing life Jesus has for you.



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The Blog Is Back

During the last couple weeks, the Lord has taught me something. There are actually people who want to grow in their faith! Church members, young and old, have talked about how the curriculum has helped them learn and even recall some simple Christian principles.

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The Bright Future of Missions

As we relaunch our blog, I can think of no better topic to write about than missions. As our church approaches our annual missions conference, we have been studying the topic of missions in our class as well as the other adult classes. Last Sunday, we taught on the...

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A Separated Christian

In our last post, we talked about how the thought of becoming a living sacrifice for God will assist in breaking the negative stereotypes of our generation. While people respond to a life that is willing to be sacrificed for God, people will also respond to a life...

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A Living Sacrifice

There has never been a generation surrounded by more hype than the millennial generation. Campaigns have been launched, blogs have been posted, articles have been written, and even whole books have been written trying to peg this generation. All of these different...

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Joel Norris

Joel Norris

CrossPoint Leader

Joel Norris has served as an assistant pastor at Franklin Road Baptist Church since May of 2012 and oversees the CrossPoint Young Adults Ministry. Each Sunday, Joel stands and teaches a relevant lesson to the CrossPoint class that challenges our young adults to live in a way that would be pleasing to God.

Joel graduated from West Coast Baptist College in 2012 and has been married to his high school sweetheart Lauren since July of 2012. They have one son named Braxton.

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