Have you ever felt that you got a bad wrap as a young adult because of a stereotype? Many see the millennial generation as lazy and without direction. While there are a few who would fall into this mold, many young adults have chosen to rise above the negative stereotypes and live a life of purpose.

This Sunday, we will begin our new Spring series in our CrossPoint Class. This lesson series is entitled Stereotyped: Breaking the negative stereotypes of the millennial generation. While many young adults do provide hope of a brighter tomorrow in our world and culture, we must be reminded that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only true hope and the highest calling. Each week we will open God’s Word and learn how we can overcome some of the negative aspects surrounding this current generation.

This week will be our introductory lesson entitled “A Stereotyped Generation.” Did you know that the Bible talks about how to handle culture? Did you know that the Christian life is meant to be “peculiar” to those that are unsaved? Did you know that God and His Word provide the wisdom and power to stand out in a generation? We will be teaching more about these topics and more this coming Sunday.

As a young adult leader and someone who falls into the same generation as those in our class, I have never been more encouraged about the future of our church, our country, and most importantly, our faith. I hope that by the end of our Stereotyped series you will be as well.

Here’s my challenge and the reason for today’s post. First, I want to encourage you to be faithful to class each Sunday during this series. It’s amazing what God can do in our midst when we choose to be faithful to the avenues of growth he has provided.

Secondly, I want to challenge you to come with a heart to learn, grow, and change. I know 10:00 is early for your day off. For some of you, it’s early for any day, but I can promise you that our time together will be fun, encouraging and challenging. Can I ask you to come to class prepared to learn something from God’s Word and make changes in your life? Begin now asking God what He would have you to change so that you can stand our in stereotyped generation.

Lastly, invite a friend who may not go to church anywhere. I have people that I will be contacting this weekend to see if they will be in class, and I want you to as well. Even if you don’t have someone you can invite, text that friend who may be unfaithful and be his or her alarm clock on Sunday.

I am looking forward to seeing you this Sunday in CrossPoint as we begin to break the negative stereotypes of our generation.