Youth Making a Difference

At FRBC, we realize that our youth are the future leaders of our nation. Today, our youth face all kinds of worldly influences that are designed to draw them away from God. Our number one goal is to reach lost youth with the love of Jesus Christ and see them trust Christ as their personal Savior. We then want to instruct and inspire them to love and be committed to Christ. We preach strong family values and teach teens to “put on the whole armor of God” in order to protect themselves from the attacks of Satan. While we have lots of fun activities and events, ultimately we want to develop teens with Godly character that are totally Committed to Christ!

Sunday Youth Classes

Each Sunday morning at 10:00, we offer relevant classes for teens. Find out which youth class is right for your teen.

Age Group Location
Grade 7-8 Girls CH208
Grade 7-9 Boys CH209
Grade 9-10 Girls CH202
Grade 11-12 Girls CH200
Grade 10–12 Boys CH205
Kurt Copeland

Kurt Copeland

Youth Pastor